Takashi Sugiyama

Date of birth

In 1970, 9 - 8 , Virgo horoscope.

Blood type

A Type

Place of birth

Shimonoseki-Shi, Yamaguchi-ken


Go out, Futsal, Shissoku bands, Family

Alma Mater

→ Seijo University
(in the place of personality formation in Shimo-kitazawa and Omote-sundow)

→ Gakushuin University graduate school
(The expenses were low in those days!)

Favorite place

Parks and cafes surrounded by green

Hate the place

Crowd places, Crowded trains

Favorite household chores


Good housekeeping

All expect for cooking

Favorite instrument

Guitar・Base Guitar・Vocal and Karaoke

Like a creature

The creature which does not recognize Sugiyama to be bait

Feel the romance stuff

Blue sky The sun The ocean Forest

Special skills

Play dead

Thanks for my family.
Thanks for my ancestors.
Thanks for my teachers and seniors.
Thanks for my friend.
Thanks for everybody to have made me who is here.
Thanks for the universe.
Thanks for the all !


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